Top 3 Relocation Options In Atlanta

Updated 2018

If you’re relocating to the Atlanta area you’re likely going to consider 3 different cities based on the popularity of Google searches.   These cities offer relative affordability, great schools and commutes to the most popular places.  Natives might look at this list and think it’s tilted toward the north side of Atlanta, but truthfully we only went off the search results to build this top 3 list.  Essentially what happens is that most people start in Atlanta, then depending on where they work and play they start to narrow down by county and then by main cities in that county before looking at suburban areas.

3.  Marietta

One of the reasons people search for homes in Marietta to relocate to is that it tends to offer quicker drive times to places like Buckhead in Atlanta.  In addition, it has a diverse mix of affordable older homes with more expensive newer construction.  The Atlanta Braves are now in Marietta at Suntrust Park and there’s a lot of good (and negative) news coming from Marietta right now.  Traditionally, split between West and East Cobb County, Marietta area home owners have access to some great schools like Pope.  Generally those in the Eastern section of Cobb have higher home values due to the quality schools.

2. Lawrenceville

Most often people search for the top location and end up wondering where the best deal is.  That’s Lawrenceville!  Homes for sale in Lawrenceville GA are just much more affordable than the median for Atlanta and much more affordable than Marietta or the number one city.  For example, a 3,000 sqft home could easily cost less than $250,000.  With great school systems (top in the state) and the best parks in the state, it’s easy to see why this is a hot search term.


  1.  Alpharetta

Alpharetta is the perennial top relocation spot right after Atlanta itself.  It’s got the schools, parks but it also has it’s own commerce and job sector making it a powerhouse in and of itself.  Homes in Alpharetta tend to be higher than average cost but they also weather the typical downturns of the economy.  Alpharetta has a wonder collection of parks including equestrian parks, and of course sport parks even a swimming pool with a high dive at Wills Park.   While many of the homes are older in Alpharetta vs Lawrenceville, there are plenty of new construction homes being built.


About the Author Candice Cole

Candace loves writing about homes and new communities. She currently lives in Atlanta and enjoys helping others relocate to the area. Candace sometimes works with Real Estate Agents for information for the blog and/or just in general.

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