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Alpharetta Food TrucksThinking about things to do in Alpharetta?  One of the highlights of relocating to Alpharetta Ga is the foodie Events.

Alpharetta, GA might as well be called a food haven. This is because of the many events and festivals held throughout the years dedicated to food. One of the events held in Alpharetta weekly is the Alpharetta Food Truck Alley. During this event, many food trucks (around 6-8) gather in in one place, the Old Roswell Street. What’s more, live music is being played while enjoying the sumptuous meal and lively company.

Once a year, an event where 60 restaurants around Alpharetta assemble to offer a sampling of the food that they offer to the public. It is known as the Taste of Alpharetta and it draws over 60,000 people a year. Normally, each sampling costs around $1-3 but admission is free. What’s more, live art exhibits are also showcased, accompanied by good music.

On September 13th this year, there will be a Grilling and Gridiron Tailgate Party, hosted by The Lioheart School. On this event, restaurants and community groups will whip up tailgating and grilled food and people who attend this event and vote for the best food. There will also be a football game for that day to keep the attendees entertained while enjoying their delicious food and beverages.

Every Saturday at 8:00am, health buffs visit the Alpharetta Farmers Market where they sell organic food, flowers, and other edible products such as jellies and jams. The good thing about this is that whenever an individual buys a product, not only are they keeping their health on top, they are also supporting local farmers.

Finally other things to do in Alpharetta revolving around food happens in November, the Alpharetta Chili Cook Off and GA vs. Florida Football will be held. What’s interesting about this event is that instead of having professional cooks and chefs, firefighters, officers, and public safety staff will be the ones competing for the best homemade Chili, all while they, together with the attendees, will cheer on the Georgia Bulldogs.

Yummy food and fun, that is what Alpharetta is all about!  So there’s always plenty of

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