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suwanee awards

More Suwanee Awards: Living in an Award Winning Community

Suwanee is an award-winning community in Georgia with 16,000 friendly and hospitable residents. Some of the Suwanee awards that it has been given is the “10 Best Towns for Families” from Family Circle Magazine, “6th best Best Towns in Georgia for Young Families” from, “3rd in the Country to raise Children: from, and so much more! This is one of the main reasons why so many people chose to relocate to Suwanee.

Another award given to Suwanee is the Best Playground or Park by Nickelodeon’s Parents’ Picks Awards for the PlayTown Suwanee. Other than this, there are other parks in the community such as the Town Center Park, Big Splash Interactive fountain, and White Street Park where parents can hang out with their children.

Best Event awards were also granted to Suwanee because of the several festivities held in the area.

Some of these events are Suwanee American Craft Beer Fest, Food Truck Friday, Ladies Night Out Fashion Show, and many others. Head on over to  to see all of the Suwanee awards that has garnered throughout the years. Or better yet, relocate to Suwanee!

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