New Bridge Opens to Save Traffic in Lawrenceville

newbridge20Good news for Ga Residents: traffic will soon be the least of your problems as, this Saturday, a new Highway 20 bridge is to be opened. Even though the transformation of the intersection into interchange will not be completed until next year, the bridge will be opened on May 10, if the weather permits.

The bridge features with 3 lanes in each direction to the Ga. 316 and has a total of 10 lanes wide, it also has dual left turn lanes to each direction. According to the officials, this will help relieve traffic in the center of Lawrenceville.

This project started 2 years ago and costs $34.7 million. This will make an interchange along Ga. 316 with Ga. 20 and Collins Hill Road.

Hopefully this will provide some relief to the Lawenceville home owners that have to commute to Atlanta and travel around 316.

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