Little Known Lilburn Is Best Of All Worlds

30 minutes northeast of Atlanta is the city of Lilburn, GA. With 13,344 residents, this city in Gwinnett is one of the most popular cities in Georgia that families have been relocating to. If you are wondering, here are several reasons why people have chosen to move to Lilburn and why you should, too!

  1.     It is a great community. The community in Lilburn makes sure that the people and the city itself is well taken care of and is continually reaching for growth. They develop several programs and activities to build the city further.
  1.     Everything you want/need is in here. Different restaurants carrying different cuisines? Check! Shopping establishments? Check! Fun events and Activities? Check! Art galleries? Check! There is always something to do in Lilburn!  In addition, homes for sale in Lilburn are diverse in age as well, so there’s new homes as well as older ones. 
  1.     The school district is top notch. Gwinnett County School District operates the public schools in Lilburn. This school district is known to have the most enrollees in the whole of Georgia because of the high quality of education that they provide and the principles that they instill as evidenced of the numerous awards that they have received. Just last year, they are the recipient of the Broad Prize for Urban Education, also known as the largest education prize given to school districts in the United States. They were awarded $1 million dollars for their academic excellence and educational achievements.
  1.     Career options are Endless! With several companies propping up inside the city, there is always a job opportunity for you. If you prefer to be your own boss, the city supports and assists business owners, as well.
  1.     Homes are less expensive. Compared throughout most states and cities in the United States, homes for sale in Lilburn, GA, are cheaper. The average cost of property tax and mortgage payments are significantly lower in Lilburn, as well. To know more about Lilburn Real Estate and to get your own Gwinnett County Home for sale in Lilburn, call the Jarvis team at (678) 999 -1001 or visit their website at today!


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Candace loves writing about homes and new communities. She currently lives in Atlanta and enjoys helping others relocate to the area. Candace sometimes works with Real Estate Agents for information for the blog and/or just in general.

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