Food Truck Friday In Duluth GA

food truck friday duluthFood trucks are known in big cities across America as a way to get great eats, at a good price and enjoy the city.  The downside is you have to live in the city to enjoy this phenomenon.   Meaning you could relocate to Duluth and still enjoy Food Trucks!


Duluth GA is considered a suburban area (with big city aspirations).

It’s a good thing that there is a Food Truck Friday in Duluth every week from June to October at 6-9pm! This event hosted by the City of Duluth offers is where different Food Trucks come to Downtown Duluth and Town Green and park for 3 hours for the locals to enjoy. Aside from the great food, there are also live bands that will perform. Enjoying affordable but delicious food while listening to great music: isn’t that a great way to end your stressful week at school or work? I sure think so! The admission is free, too!

There are different food trucks every week, to know the line up every Friday, check out their facebook page at
There are a lot of events held in the city. Make sure that you have access to these fun activities in Duluth!

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