Buford GA Historic Perspective

relocatebufordBuford was named after Algernon Sidney Buford, a well-known man in Atlanta for being the president of their Air-line Railroad for 20 years. He is an established man who remained in presidency during the expansion of the railroad. Buford started as a small town but in 1896, was recognized as a city.

Buford had an edge to the other towns and cities in Atlanta as the residents were ambitious and are focused on expanding their businesses and in incorporating education, because of this, they were dubbed as the “city of many factories” and even the “New York of Gwinnett.”

In Gwinnett County, this city was known to be the largest city for 60 years and had thrived through their industry and progress. In fact, it was in Buford where the first bank of the county was built. It was also in this city where 2 of the most banking facilities at the time were established.

In fact, a lot of companies had relocated in the city so there are a lot of great jobs in Buford and even greater spots for business opportunities. Companies have opted to build their empire in Buford because they believe that the labor force in the area is highly motivated and productive. The education system (including technical schools and major universities) is excellent, which means great employees and employers are molded. Buford City schools are considered the best in the state, making the real estate in Buford continue to rise in value.  In fact, homes in Buford GA have the highest overall median value of any of the Gwinnett County cities!

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