Alpharetta Greenway Trail

alpharettagreenwayThe locals who have homes in Alpharetta who love nature have access to the Big Creek Greenway Trail. This approximately 8-mile trail starts from Windward Parkway on the North and Mansell Road on the South and is home to wildlife like deer, ducks, Canada Geese, Blue Heron, and so much more inside a wide array of green trees.

This trail is a 12-foot wide concrete path making it perfect for joggers, bikers, walkers, roller bladers, or those who simply want to wander in the beauty of nature. Greenway Trail is developed to represent the conservation of the people and the land they love; created to promote environmental education, to provide recreation. It is the representation of Alpharetta’s future.

If you plan to visit the Big Creek Greenway Trail, please remember to take these at heart:
· Stay in the concrete path.
· Don’t litter in the greenway. There will be garbage cans available in the trail.
· Respect the people who are in the trail.

You may voluntarily choose to support the greenway maintenance. This would also help in adding more amenities such as children’s play area or formal flower garden. The City of Alpharetta Recreation and Parks accepts checks for this matter.

To know more about the greenway trail or to find an Alpharetta Real Estate near The Big Creek Greenway trail, call The Jarvis Team at (678) 999 – 1001.

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