6 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Alpharetta

AlpharettaIt is general knowledge that before relocating to another city, everyone has to do ample research on the area to know whether or not the location is right and compatible to them and their families. If you are moving to Alpharetta, Georgia, here are a few things that you need to know first:

  1.  Taxes. To make sure that Alpharetta is well maintained and protected for the locals, merchants, and visitors, the city imposes property taxes, otherwise known as the Ad valorem taxes. All real estate properties, unless otherwise stated by law, may be required of taxes, however, these funds will be used in the improvement of the city.
  2. History. Alpharetta is rich in history. It is known that, in the 1830’S, THE Cherokee Indian Nation have founded Alpharetta and Milton County. The rest of the story of Alpharetta can be witnessed all throughout landmarks and can be delved in deeper by attending the Awesome Alpharetta Welcome Center Tour Trip hosted by the Alpharetta Convention and Visitors Bureau.
  3. Amenities. There are several amenities in the city that will cater to every home-owners needs and wants. Basic needs such as food and clothing can be purchased at the North Point Mall. Entertainment is also available there as it includes two movie theatre complexes. Students and researchers may get all the information that they need in the Alpharetta Branch Library, and recreational activities can be done at the Wills Park, Big Creek Greenway, and so much more.
  4. Events. All throughout the year, Alpharetta holds events for the whole family such as the Food Truck Alley, Farmer’s Market, Scarecrow Harvest, and many others.
  5. HOA. The city of Alpharetta works hand in hand with Home Owners Associations and other groups to ensure the improvement of the city through the involvement of its citizens.
  6. Education. Fulton County Public School System operates in Alpharetta. This School System is recognized by Money Magazine as “One of the Top 100 School Districts in Places You Can Afford.” Aside from that, there are several universities that offer Higher education and a unique concept of the city which is the Environmental Education.

BONUS – Recycling and Garbage Management. A curbside recycling, yared-waste, and garbage collection services are being provided by The City of Alpharetta through Republic, a third party contractor.

To know more about Alpharetta, call Joshua Jarvis at (678) 999-1001.

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Candace loves writing about homes and new communities. She currently lives in Atlanta and enjoys helping others relocate to the area. Candace sometimes works with Real Estate Agents for information for the blog and/or just in general.

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