Remote Controlled Lighting System in Collins Park

The Collins Hill Youth Athletic Association teamed up with Gwinnett County to help install field lights in Collins Park in Lawrenceville, GA. And these are no ordinary lights, these are lights that can be regulated by a smartphone or computer!

According to the press release, the local youth sports group has volunteered to pay, in the next 10 years, $17,000. These payments will go directly to the installation of the lights as well as to some of the electric costs. According to them, they are installing these lights as they will help control energy costs. This arrangement was approved by the Gwinnett Board of Commisioners on March 4.

Phil Hoskins, Gwinnett’s Director of Community Services has stated that the Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation are in full support of this arrangement initiated by this group of young individuals as it is sure to help reduce costs as well as improve effeciencies.

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