homeswithpoolsSummer is coming soon and it is the perfect opportunity to fill your backyard pools with water once again and splash the heat away!

In Georgia Real Estate there’s nothing more rare then a home with an in-ground pool.  Most home owners don’t stay in there home long enough to put one end.  That has changed in with the recent downturn (and now upswing) home owners put more pools in (Jarvis Team Realty specializes in selling homes with pools) and many of them were chlorine pools, until now.

Biolab in Lawrenceville, Ga has been manufacturing products that can turn your regular pool into a saltwater pool! Saltwater pools may be harder to maintain but these products will definitely reduce all the pool-cleaning efforts.

Saltscape is a line by Biolab that includes an Algae Remover, pH Reducer, Scale Defender, SunShield Stabilizer, Test Strips, and Chorline-Free Shock Oxidizer. These products will not only upgrade your pool to a saltwater pool, it is also designed for easy pool maintenance! Furthermore, the saltwater pool will make your swim time more enjoyable as it is more gentle to the eyes and the skin as opposed to using chemical chlorine in cleaning your pool.

Don’t believe us? Bring a sample of pool water at your nearest BioGuard dealer and see the difference for yourself. To locate a BioGuard dealer near you, visit

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